The Annual Tech Fest of ISA-VIT(Vellore)

12 days
0 hours
32 minutes

About Spark'19

Spark'19 is a three day technical fest where we shall be conducting two national level workshops. There will also be one event and three guest lectures by eminent industrialists and professionals to ensure that students get enough exposure to both the hands-on practical knowledge and how it can be applied to real life industry problems. ISA-VIT stands true to it's motto of Enlightening Minds and providing a holistic development to students.



iHack is a three month long hackathon to be conducted as part of SPARK'19. First of its kind in IT, it aims to bring industry problems to students so they may provide creative and effective solutions. The hack focuses on the following themes: Rural Transformation, Disaster Response, Healthcare, Defence and Innovation in Business.

What we want to see ?

SPARK is an incredible phenomenon; an opportunity to learn and apply, gain awareness on the latest technical happenings of the industry, raise questions and get answers. It is a chance to form and strengthen friendships, professionalism, organizational and management skills.

From its inception, SPARK has grown, with a steady increase in industry involvement, student participation, external registrations and innovative ideas. From student participants to the organizers, SPARK serves as a platform to test one's skills and emerge better than before.


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Professional certified workshops on upcoming technologies like IOT, Augmented Reality!


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Lectures and interactive sessions with various stalwarts and inspirational personalities from all around the world!


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Attend exhibitions hosted by various NGOs,govt institutes like DRDO,International robotics comapanies and many more etc.